About Us

We, Subiksham Software Solutions Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore, are trusted solution provider for higher institution automation.  We have a strong team of skilled developers with deep insights and highly professional approach, who are totally focused on delivering high quality software solutions which enable our valuable customers to achieve their objectives.

Many of our team members have worked with us for more than a decade. Their rich experience  gives us a huge advantage in understanding our customers’ requirements. We are uniquely positioned to provide a well streamlined timely solutions, howsoever complex their administration is.

Hence, we assist institutions by establishing a reliable, systematic and distinctive edge of total control of various operations from admission enquiry through academic and financial implications to the Placement and Alumni.

Advantages of IMPRES ERP

It is a hassle- free chain of inter-related modules supported by perfect Flowcharts & HELP documents, giving  proper report as and when necessary , hence the institution authorities pay attention on development activities. Being a web based & mobile compatibility software, it can be coupled with SSL 128/256 bit encryption features.

It has got many Advantages

  1. Reduced time to benefit
  2. Lower costs & timely service
  3. Scalability & integration.
  4. New releases & upgrades
  5. Easy to use & platform independent except Server
  6. Customization & report generation
  7. Preserving the intellectual capital of staff and reduces the  academic workload load of faculties, students can know their marks, performance, Fee balance by themselves
  8. Reduces the administration cost
  9. Our billing module offers foolproof results free from malpractice
  10. Know the transaction of the institution in a sigle click